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About Us

Welcome to Camping Crates! We know as well as any weathered campers that thorough preparation is just as important as it is to enjoy the destination. Our mission here is to make the whole camping experience easier for you so you can enjoy the destination a little more! Our favorite vacation memories are those that include nature and adventure. Our family on all sides have been camping for generations and we find great pride in passing along the tradition.   Whether you’re camping in a car, a tent, a toy hauler or motor home, we have got you covered if you need the whole get up or just some extra gear.  We have mastered campsite set ups suitable for children, grandparents and pets alike; no one is excluded! From the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to the Saguaro desert of Arizona, boat camping on the lake shore, to tent camping at music festivals, the outdoors is our favorite place to be! 

With our expertise gained through rigorous trial and error you can rest assured that everything has been thought of. We have learned what works and what doesn’t, what items to pack and what just won’t fit! In addition, we know how expensive camping equipment can be and how much space is needed to store it all.  If you’ve been camping before you know how much of a chore it is to unpack, clean and neatly store the equipment upon return from a camping trip. Rent one of our thoughtfully designed camping packages and when your trip is over, we will clean, organize and store it until you are ready for your next camping adventure! 

As we like to say its Camping Made Easy!

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